Time Lapse Makeup Transformation with Skincare Prep & Care Routine!

Hey guys! Perm here with a new Time Lapse Makeup Tutorial! Every week I upload a Time Lapse video because who needs explaination!? We all know how to put makeup on! These videos are just ideas of how I’m doing my looks and you’re welcome to take away from my techniques and do it to yourself!

This video was partially sponsored by Science Serum. They provide me with samples of the their awesome eye and neck serums and believe it or not, I’ve used this brand and their products many times. This is my first time using the neck serum, but I love it. The neck area and decollate is a skin area we often missed to care for but it’s just as important. This is my 4th bottle of the eye serum. It really tightens the eye area and you’ll feel great before makeup application. Even Nikki Tutorials uses this brand! I highly recommend!!!

I’m not affiliated with this brand, but the coupon code was provided to me in conjunction with this video.

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