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SKINCARE ROUTINE | HOW I GOT RID OF MY ACNE | MY ACNE STORY | ACNE TO CLEAR SKIN | HOLY GRAIL SKINCARE PRODUCTS-all of these apply in this video and I hope it’s useful and y’all can get rid of your acne cause I know it sucks!! So, in this video I tell you guys all about my acne story and how I made sure my acne never came out by using the best skincare products I could find! Also, to disclaim, it took about 2-8 months to have the prescribed medication and cetaphil products to completely remove my acne, now all I have to this day is pop-up pimples.


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JPB High (NCS Release)-

Everyday Glowy & Natural Makeup:
Black Smokey Eye Makeup Tut:

Pink & Gold Halo Eye Makeup Tutorial:

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cetaphil daily facial cleanser
(use this every morning and night)

cetaphil daily facial moisturizer
(use this everyday but not in morning-leaves my skin greasy)

mario badescu facial spray with aloe herbs and rosewater
(every morning and night and for makeup)

first aid beauty face cleanser
(when I do beat makeup looks-not daily for me)

lush herbalism cleanser
(mostly morning and sometimes night till expiration)

freeman feeling beautiful face masks
(2-4 times a week almost always at night)

baby oil

oxy rapid action face wash

oxy raid treatment 3-in-1 pads
(morning and sometimes night if not using my prescribed gel unless it burns