Hair and Makeup for a Headshot – Short

I’m Kellianne Jordan, a headshot photographer in Bend, OR and today I’m going to share some tips on how to do your hair and makeup for you next headshot session. Before I do, click on the link to book your next headshot session today.

The secret is to look natural like you would on a day when you feel great about yourself. Most of my clients think they need to wear extra makeup for their photos, but you don’t/ Keep the makeup basic so you look like you. All you need is a little foundation, blush, lipgloss, maybe light eyeliner and eye shadow and top it off with some mascara. Don’t worry about putting on any powder. Powder can make you look dead in your photos and I want you to be alive and pop.

Come in looking the way you want to present yourself on a normal day. Start with your hair down and we can pull it up in the shoot if we need to.

Guys, don’t wear makeup. I can touch up any pimples later. Make sure your hair is styled the way it normally is. For facial hair, if you want facial hair in the photos then come in with it groomed and the way you want it to look. If you plan on shaving before your session, it’s best to shave within the hour so the hair does not start growing back. Facial stubble will not be retouched out of the photo. We do have a bathroom where you can shave just before or during the session if you would like to. If you would like to shave during the session for a facial hair and clean face look, please bring your shaving supplies with you.