GRWM Holiday Edition! Hair, Makeup, & Outfit

Happy Holidays everyone!!!!!! I hope you are having an amazing time and spending quality time with your family and friends. Thank you so much for watching this Get Ready with Me: Holiday Edition! I show you my hair, makeup, and outfit for going out to dinner.
This year we are opening gifts for Christmas on the 27th because I wanted to wait until my grandparents got home so expect a What I Got For Christmas video coming very soon! Love you guys
Straightener: KOR
Concealer – Sephora
Eyeshadow – Almay (Evening Smokey)
Mascara – Sephora
Blush – Neutrogena
Lipstick – Colour Surge : Wow Violet
Necklace – Francesca’s
Earrings – Laos
Romper – Charlotte Russe
Shoes – Kelly & Katie
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How old am I? 17 years old
What grade am I in? Senior in high school
How tall am I? 5’1
Where am I from? Illinois, USA
Disclaimer: this is not a sponsored video