#GoBlue4ME Makeup Challege Tutorial

Did you know that May 12th is Invisible Illness Day here in the United States? It’s a day when we bring attention to all the diseases and illnesses which don’t manifest outward symptoms. Diseases like lupus, Lyme, MS, CFS, fibromyalgia and the one I have, myalgic encephalomyelitis, or ME.

Every year I work to help bring new awareness about ME and other devastating, but unseen, diseases. This year in addition to a new series of fine art self portraits I’m putting out, I’m issuing a challenge!

I want you to go blue for ME!

Why blue? That’s our awareness ribbon color.

How do I go blue? There are so many ways! You could do an all-blue makeup look, like I’ve done in this video! You could dye your hair or paint your nails blue. I made ME-awareness profile images you could use on your Facebook account for a day. Dress all in blue, snap a photo and hashtag it with #GoBlue4ME! The ideas are endless!

ME is a terrible, debilitating disease with no cure and no treatments and it can be terminal. So few people even know it exists and we’re given extremely little funding for research; about the same amount as is devoted to studying hayfever.

This is something we need to change! We need to be loud and demand better research and treatment for ME patients! We need ME and other neglected invisible illnesses to be taken as seriously as they actually are. And we can do that. By making our voices heard, we can bring real change to the world!

Thank you to each and every one of you who joins me in going blue! Please see my other video for more info about ME and the challenge itself: “#GoBlue4ME Makeup Challege”. You can also visit my (slightly NSFW) blog to learn much more about ME, the challenge and me :) sarahallegra.wordpress.com

Thanks to Dexter Britain for his beautiful music, The Fresh Monday, for this video! You can find him at: dexterbritain.com

Please ask you favorite YouTube makeup artist to participate in this challenge! Not only will their looks be much better than my novice hand can create, but getting them on board would make a huge amount of difference for our campaign. Thank you all!!


(Not all artwork is SFW)
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