Furry Lips DIY

Hey, everybody! It’s furry lip season! So it has been said that furry fuzzy fluffy lips are the latest trend though I have found only 3 example images on the web. Anyway, Safiya Nygaard uploaded a DIY furry lip tutorial this week and it was pretty good but I thought I could diy it to the extreme with some found fluff and some heap as lip gloss. If you’re like me you can’t just go out and buy lip fuzz so this is for everyone who is like me. big warning to every do not google furry lips or fuzzy lips you can google fluffy lips but it’s just about how to make your lips bigger. This furry lip how to tutorial should help you on your way to the latest fluffy lip trend. It may not be the best fuzzy lip tutorial but it definitely is diy. I do my eyebrows in this makeup tutorial to give you an idea on how your fuzzy lips will look as a complete makeup look. Be trendy with Furry lips!

Music by Bensound