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Hollywood insider, fashion and makeup color guru, shares celeb secrets to looking fabulous every time. She’s given hundreds of beauty tips and tricks interviews, but now she’s bringing her red-carpet fashion and makeup knowledge directly to you. Perfect Fashion. Perfect Makeup.

From years of being on, and working with persons on, TV and film, Jill has learned that because your hair frames your face, hair color is of critical importance to choosing the right fashion and makeup colors to make a person look their best. This is not about eye color or skin color or tone, but in choosing the right colors for your hair color, you will see how a look gets pulled together that accentuates the eyes, warms and evens skin, slenderizes the face, and syncs makeup, fashion and hair colors into perfect harmony.

This series is for men and women, young and older, and of every hair, eye and skin color. Grey (gray) hair, blonde hair, brunette hair, and redheads, everyone looks fabulous when wearing their perfect colors, and Jill will show you how.

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