BUDGE-PROOF LIPS FOR $8? | Models Own Lip Sealer Test!

I was super excited to try this new product from Ulta! Hope you enjoy watching. Let me know if you have a favorite Budge-Proof lippy!

Product Tested:
Models Own Lip Sealer ($8.99)

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Here are a few sites that can give you a better idea of which brands are cruelty free and which are not! Please remember, going cruelty-free is a different Journey for many people. Research is not always black and white. And Cruelty-Free can take on a full spectrum of choices. Please be kind! xo

The author of the blog compiles a ton of information and some great graphics that work as quick-reference guides like this:

This blogger has tons of info and strict criteria for confirming cruelty-free brands! Also a great place to start to learn more about CF!

Another great resource!

Sometimes you need to check with brands directly to figure out their policies (Things to look out for: 1. No animal testing on finished products or ingredients 2. No use of suppliers who test 3. No sales in mainland China where testing is required by law!) Beware of claims like “No Animal Testing” printed on products without first checking the company policies or certifications!

Not all brands pay to have certifications or to display a specific logo! Here’s some more brand specific info from great cruelty free companies!

Makeup Revolution: a great blog for UK and European based brands!



Pouring Out Facial Oil (hydrating on it’s own or added to lotion or makeup!):

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