Bridal Makeup Tutorial 2017 for Wedding Day – Style.PK!

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Hey everyone how are you & Thank you for watching this quick tip tutorial where I am showing
What you needs to look the Best on your Wedding Day I decided to show you new model 2017 Bridal Makeup Tutorial.
Bridal Makeup Tutorial 2017 for Wedding Day – Style.PK!Here we go with the bang up to date and latest Bridal Makeup Tutorial 2017 for Wedding Day. All the Makeup Ideas are collected from brides of different salons.
The wedding day is the most precious and prestigious day of a person’s life. But more shopping and wedding planning makes you stressed out so the skin can get affected by such burnout. Besides your wedding planning, you need to relax mentally and physically so take a healthy diet, consume more water and add some fruits to your diet; some brides prefer yoga and meditation for the purpose of pampering themselves. Keep your skin moisturized with a suitable moisturizer and don’t forget regular cleansing especially when you spend extra time in shopping outside your home. In Pakistan, brides use ‘Ubtan’ a mixture of the basin (Powdered grams) and turmeric for a long time before their wedding day for a glowing skin. These pre-makeup preparations are necessary for giving your wedding makeup fresher look.
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know I had to create a video explaining the steps to my viewers, hope you enjoy!

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