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Easy Ways to Get Soft Hair
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Soft Hair Photo
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Summer can be extremely damaging to hair. The extended exposure to the sun, wind, and water can leave hair feeling dry and lifeless. Fortunately there are a few easy steps you can take every day to make your hair softer. If you need an immediate and intensive treatment consider trying an all natural conditioner instead of a chemical conditioner. By combining a daily moisturizing treatment with a weekly or biweekly intensive treatment you are sure to have luxuriously soft hair.

Every Day Hair Routine

While washing your hair daily can tend to dry it out, it is sometime unavoidable. If you do have to wash your hair every day you will need to pay special attention to it to keep it nice and soft. First wash your hair with a moisturizing shampoo. Follow this with a conditioner that you wash out. Make the final rinse of your hair in the coldest water you have as this will enhance the shine. Before you dry your hair spray a leave in conditioner to add extra moisture and keep your locks soft. Once a week add a deep conditioning or hot oil treatment to your daily routine to maximize the softness of your hair.

All Natural

There are several all natural methods to give your hair an extra boost of moisture to make it soft and shiny. The two most popular products to use are olive oil and mayonnaise. You will only think putting condiments in your hair sounds like a whacky idea until you try it. Once you have given these methods a chance you will be amazed at how soft your hair can be. First, to condition your hair with olive oil you will need olive oil and a towel. Rub the olive oil into your hair starting at the scalp. Work it in thoroughly then wrap it in a towel and let it rest for about twenty minutes. At the end of the twenty minutes unwrap and wash and dry your hair normally. This process should be repeated weekly for optimum softness. When conditioning your hair with mayonnaise it is very important that you buy the all natural and full fat variety. Dampen your hair and work the mayonnaise all the way through. Wrap your hair in a towel and allow it to rest for about half an hour. Then was twice, condition, and style as normal. 8/3/08

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Chiku naik10-16-2011
Which condisan that are soft hair
cecilia rose 09-20-2011
they both work pretty good, but the olive oil worked way better on my hair.
my hair very hard
I have tryed olive oil its really good and it works but havent tryed myonnaise
Im ten and want to try the olive oil thing does it work
I really want my hair soft! :D

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